"Action without thought is empty.

Thought without action is blind."

Kwame Nkrumah


The oil and gas business has changed dramatically in the last several years. Nigeria must refocus her economy on other commodities for growth and sustainability. Our purpose is to concentrate on the development of other economic sectors apart from oil and gas. All efforts will be made to develop local industrial manufacturing by utilizing locally available raw materials.

Long-term commitments in the development of local companies with substantial development capital and long-term plans are essential for economic growth and sufficiency. It is intended that the projects in which Kmask Group will invest (the “Projects”) will result in the construction of

  • affordable housing
  • agriculture infrastructure development
  • investment/establishment of an Indigenously Manufactured/Mechanization Technology of Small Farm Equipment for Small/Medium-Scale Enterprises.
β€œIn the past 60 years, over $1 trillion US in development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. The problem is that aid is not benign – it is malignant. Aid is part of the problem. In fact it is the problem.”
Dambisa Mayo