Your Benefits

OUR MISSION is to highlight to the Africans (Nigerians) in the diaspora that a micro assistance rendered to the native land can promote and foster commercial and industrial growth.

“Action without thought is empty, thought without action is blind”

Kwame NkrumaH

Anyone Can Invest

Kmask Group will be funded using a crowd-investing model: This implies the possibility of investing in small amounts. Therefore, everyone can make a contribution to the development of the projects.

1. You can become a co-owner of the corporation nationally.

2. You can suggest and decide what industry is need most in your state to consider for establishment.

3. With the successful implementation of the projects, you can receive dividends according to the number of your investment amount.

Initial funds raised will be for equipment mobilization to start the project. The project will be self – funding once we commence.

Return on investment is guarantee of 250% within 2-3 years (first phase of the project). We believe this is an Economic Opportunity & the Dynamics of Income Distribution.

We have prepared the investment offers for everyone.

  • For any budget – from $ 20
  • Installments with a fixed discount for 10 months
  • Large investments with a higher discount
  • Special offers for registering children’s ownership for property

Take the opportunity and invest

“In the past 60 years, over $1 trillion US in development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. The problem is that aid is not benign – it is malignant. Aid is part of the problem. In fact it is the problem.”
Dambisa Mayo